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Easier coaching. Enhanced Hockey IQ. Measurable improvement.

Innovative coaching tool that helps you to develop your players and boost your training effectiveness. Utilize the learning synergy of animated drills, personalized real-time statistics and successful visualization.


Good preparation leads to winning.

Make your coaching and planning easier, stress-free and more productive.



Winning team culture

Player prosperity

Our support tool was designed in cooperation with experienced coaches for the best user experience. You can learn how to use it short time - no need for special courses or extra staff. 

​Communicate with your team  faster and more comfortably. Agile planning and learning that includes animated drills and playback function, helps your team to become one with the game plan.

Motivate your players and help them reach their full potential. Give them fair evaluation, record their progress and protect their health. Powerful visualization aid will raise their hockey sense.

Tailor-made stats for you

When and why did the match suddenly changed? Grasp the flow of the game. Live customized statistics will help you with both your tactics and team strategy. Base your plan on objective metrics, plus improve your coaching results with training stats.

  • Benefit from real-time data and modify your tactics after each period.

  • Explore aggregated statistics and create long term plans.


With the help of the data collected during registered events we will get a niche solution, which helps our team optimizing game strategies and preparations.

Yutaka Saho | Director, Demand Generation & Customer 

Advanced animated drills

Easy to create, easy to share. Drill function allows to you to create smooth drills online anytime. You can share them with your players or fellow coaches and they have plenty of time to study them. Save your valuable time.

  • Animated drills that make it really easy for players to understand how to perform a drill.

  • With less time needed for how, you can spend more time on why are you doing the drills - Advantages, Learning Points, Match utilization.

Record what matters to you

You are in charge of your data. No more basic statistic tables or subjective opinions. Focus on selected actions and create personalized report. Bases your analysis customizable metrics and paint a clear picture.

  • Record desired action where and when they happened.

  • Take advantage of our SBCC synergy - simple recording with app, followed by fluid visualization on Playback function.


REALTIME recording - our assistant couches helps us to record every interesting moment of game and we get instant statistics! Absolutelly Amazing!

Gerhard Muller | | Coach at ValconMedia

Connect with your team and fans

Communicate with your players with ease. With integrated chat function, you can pass important information at any time. Captivate your fan base with automatized Twitter sharing.

  • Give your team new drills in advance and provide feedback at any time.

  • Set up automatic tweets and share important match moments without any effort.


EAP - Be ready for any emergency

Import a map of stadium and use integrated tool to create an Emergency Action Plan. 

  • Fill data in pre-designed template and SunBears will create an elegant EAP for you.

  • Whether you keep simple or prepare an elaborate plan, its easy to keep your team safe.

Our Story

Our story starts with an encounter with the head coach of a top ice hockey team. We've  learned that there aren't many diverse scorebook tools for ice hockey teams and those that exists are too expensive and with limited purpose.

Inspired, we put together an international team of experienced software engineers, who love ice hockey and have a first hand ice hockey experience. Their expertise, and our cooperation with successful coaches during development brought to life SunBears.


Be organized

Detailed Game Card ready for you. Fill in your lineup data comfortably online or just print out empty template. Being organized before the game and on the bench is essential. 

Partnership with

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