Where are your players shooting from?

Where do turnovers occur?

Wouldn't you like to gain the answers to these questions easily with personalized statistics?

Who do we make Sunbears for?

  • For the manager who wants statistics on his team as they move through the season

  • For the team staff who wish to innovate and share score details in real time

  • For the coach who wishes to review the tactics of their own or other teams during the match period

  • For the coach who wishes to study past matches of their competition as preparation

  • For team staff who wish to access the tally of a particular player's statistics during the match period

  • For the head coach who wishes to see their players' icetime results

  • For the players who wish to compare their previous personal statistics

  • For the coaches and players who wish to record what kind of situations their shots scored and missed occur in

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