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> Sunbears: Before Using -

How do I access the Sunbears website?

On the FBTriangle website, click on the "SBCS" tab at the top of the page, or go to

Why do I need the Sunbears cloud service for my ice hockey team?

Sunbears gives your team the ability to keep track of strategies and team performance in real time. Keep track of players' ice time and record strategies during matches to gain an advantage by understanding your team performance in-depth.

Is Sunbears compatible with iOS?

The Sunbears application requires Android for use, therefore it is not available on iOS at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

How do I register for Sunbears?

To register, navigate to the Sunbears home page and click "Register Now." New users can sign up with their existing Google and Facebook accounts, or simply sign up by email.

I began the signup process and the page shows "create your own subscription" and "join a team." Which one should I choose?

If you are associated with a team that currently uses our service, you can submit a request to join their team account. If not, and you are starting from scratch with your team, create your own subscription plan with a 14-day free trial.

If I don't want to pay monthly, can I purchase an annual plan?

Yes! While users can choose to pay each month, it will save you time and up to 25% off the total cost to choose an annual subscription plan.

What languages does Sunbears offer service in?

Currently, users can access our site in English and Japanese.

What payment method do I need to use when signing up?

You may pay for our subscription plans by credit card. Signing up for our services with credit card payments is secure and easy.

How can I change my subscription plan?

On the owner account, click the "Subscription" tab on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Here you can choose the plan you would like to change to, review payment information, and your account will be automatically switched to that plan without delay. The new subscription plans cost will be visible immediately under Payment > Upcoming Payment.

If I no longer pay for Sunbears cloud service, can I still access previous statistics?

If you cancel your paid subscription, your account status will be changed to Suspended. In this suspended mode, only one user can access the account and no new matches can be recorded. However, you can still have access to old statistics (both on the website and application) for your referencing pleasure.

How can I contact Sunbears if I have other questions?

You can easily contact us at with any concerns you might have. Additionally, there is a contact form on our homepage that you can fill out with your name, message, and email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do I have to register for an account to be able to join a team and see their data?

Yes, if you do not have a Sunbears account already, you must create a free account in order to be invited to a team page. Once you have signed up with your email or social media profile, have an admin of the team invite you via your email address. You will recieve a notification on your dashboard prompting you to accept a request; accept the request and you're in!

What kind of tablet does my team need to use the recording application?

The Sunbears application interface was designed to work best with certain system recommendations. The system recommendations are as follows:

Size: 10 inches Resolution: 1920x1200 Android Version: 5.0 above A web browser is also required in order to set up your account and access the Admin UI. The Admin UI is optimized to FullHD resolution and for the following browsers and OS: Chrome (63.xxxx) @ MS Windows 7, MS Windows 10 Firefox (52.xxxx) @ MS Windows 7, MS Windows 10 Microsoft Edge (38.xxxx) @ MS Windows 10

How can I get a coupon code?

Occasionally we will run a sales campaign where we provide a coupon code for prospective users. If you're thinking about signing up for Sunbears, keep an eye out for coupon codes!

New users: refer to our registration & setup PDF tutorial!

Click here to view the PDF.

> Sunbears: For Existing Users -

There are other people to whom I would like to give access to my team. How do I add users to my account?

To add users to your team account, go to the "Users" section, click "Invite User" near the top of the page. Enter their personal account email, the role you wish to assign them, and a short message. Pending invitations will be shown in this section.

Can all users access my subscription settings?

In order to protect your privacy, only the owner user can access these settings.

I am a user on multiple team subscriptions. How can I access my other team accounts?

Switching between teams couldn't be easier! Simply click on your team name at the top of the page, and your other teams will be shown.

How do I edit the (player/staff/teams/stadiums) under my account?

Within each section, you can click the top left "Add" button or check individual boxes to remove items. To edit individual player info, simply click on that player.

Where can I see the statistics for each player?

You can access player statistics in a couple of ways: under the "Player Statistics" tab on the dashboard, or on the "Player" page by clicking the bar graph icon on the right-hand side of the page. When looking at player statistics, the user can also compare that player to other players.

What are "My Event Types?"

There are various official event types available in the swipe actions function, however these do not cover everything that a recorder may want to take note of during a match. In order to give the user even more freedom in strategy building and data recording, we created "My Event Types," customizable to your team. Any event that you would like to record during a match can be added to your account at any time.

How do I set up a new match?

To set up a new match, go the the "Matches" tab. Click the "Add" button near the top of the page and enter the start time and details of the match. The status of the new match will be set to "upcoming" until it begins.

Okay, I've signed up and set up my first match! Now how do I use the Sunbears application during the match?

It may take some practice, but the Sunbears cloud service Android application will help your team to efficiently record data during matches. Directions for use are as follows.

Once it is time for the match, open up the application on any Android devices that will be needed to record events. Each user can record up to five different actions/events, and so you may need multiple devices for the match. Tap on the current match in the Match List.

Before playing, you must set up the roster for the match, having at least 2 lineups.

If it is time for the game to begin, click the red play button shown on your screen.

Now that the match has begun, you will want to record events that take place during the game. To do this, simply swipe in the direction that is set for that event (personalized for each user). Certain actions can be cancelled with the X icon on the right side of the screen. Users can even record voice comments for events by tapping the events tab on the left, then tapping the microphone icon next to the desired event.

To pause the match, simply tap the pause button in the top right corner next to the playtime. While the match is stopped, users can edit the match roster, review their swipe actions by tapping the "I" icon, or view stats for the current match as well as previous matches.

To end each period, tap the red whistle icon. After the third period is ended, the match is over and its status will be changed to "closed." Final edits can be made to the closed match until the user taps the red "end" button at the bottom of the match screen; once the "end" button is pressed, the status of the match changes to "past."

If I am using multiple Android tablets during a game, will they be connected so that an action made on one is updated on another?

Yes! Our Sunbears cloud service application records data in real time, and as long as you are in online mode, scores and events will be automatically shared between devices and the server. For offline mode, this information will be shared between deviced once an internet connection has been established. This allows for better efficiency and accuracy in event recording and communication.

What is the difference between each user role?

There are six different roles (and one additional Suspended status) that each user can be assigned to, and each has different access to certain functions within the Sunbears service. One user can have multiple roles as needed (ie. Owner + Admin + Recorder + Statistics). Access can later be edited for each role by the owner user to give more or less access to certain parts of the site.

OWNER: The owner is the user that is considered the owner of the team page. This is the user who pays for the Sunbears service, and has control over access within the site and application. This user can access subscription and security settings, in addition to having access to role management.

ADMIN: The admin is the user with the second highest level of access. Admins do not have access to subscription settings or role management, unless specified in the role management page by the owner.

COACH: The coach user account does not have access to the security or subscription settings as well as role management. The coach can still access other parts of the service, including the ability to create and edit matches as each user above has as well.

RECORDER: The recorder role must be assigned to all user accounts that wish to utilize the Android application to record data during a game. This role allows the user to have set swipe actions and the ability to record data in real time during a match through the Sunbears application.

**PLAYER: The player role, on its own, only grants access to the general information pages and statistics.

STATISTICS: On its own, the statistics role has essentially the same level of access on the website as the recorder, however this role does not grant the ability to record data.

SUSPENDED: The suspended user status is assigned to accounts that are no longer subscription users. This status allows the user to continue to access past statistics both on the website and the application. No new matches can be recorded in suspended mode.

**this role does not count towards the subscription user limit, and accounts can have as many players on the team as needed.

Need more help?

Throughout the Sunbears site you will see a '?' icon in the right hand corner of the screen. Click on this on the page you need assistance with, and it will provide more detailed instructions to guide you along. If you are still confused or concerned about something, do not hesitate to contact us at

What function do player accounts have?

The player role is a unique role in a team account. It is not a role that requires a paid account, and players do not count towards the user limit within your subscription! This means that you can have an unlimited amount of players connected to the team account. Players are able to check statistics and team information easily on our website.

What do you mean by "events?"

In the Sunbears system, events are simply the actions that occur during a match. They are the actions that can be recorded on the app and used to assist in analyzing team performance.

What is "icetime?"

Icetime is the term we use to refer to the amount of time that a player spends on the ice during a match. This information is important in strategizing for the team.

How do I set swipe actions for a recording user?

To set up swipe actions, navigate to the users tab. In your teams list of users, choose the account that requires swipe actions to be set up (you may need to assign the role of "recorder" to that user if it has not already been done). In the pop-up window these icons will appear: You can assign up to five events per recorder (the four arrows and the center button) by clicking each arrow and choosing the event you wish to assign to that spot. These will be the directions in which recorders swipe to mark events during the match. When complete, be sure to click save.

How can I view the playback of a match?

Navigate to the Playback page, and you will see a list of your upcoming, current, and previous matches. Choose the match that you wish to view plackback of. Match information is displayed at the top, and events that occurred during the match will be displayed at the bottom. Filter the events if you wish to see a specific type! In addition, descriptions are listed for each events.

If one player is on more than one team, can their name be used on both teams?

Because different teams are under different subscriptions, a player's name can be used in as many subscriptions as you would like.

What is the Google Calendar function?

You can access the Google Calendar for your team through the Matches page. The Google Calendar function is created automatically from the beginning of your subscription and allows teams to synchronize calendar data. Each user in a subscription has access to the calendar, and users who are part of more than one subscription can see the calendar data from all teams they are a part of.

What if I only want to see the calendar data for just one team?

On the calendar page, you can toggle active calendars in order to see only the teams that you want to see.

Should my team have a timekeeper in addition to other recorders?

In addition to however many recording users you choose to have for your team, we recommend having one additional recorder as an assigned timekeeper if possible. A timekeeper isn't an official role within the app, but can be helpful in the case that a recorder forgets to resume the timer on their device. The timekeeper can also record goal or penalty events (actions important in recording) in case of human or device error!

My browser cuts the dashboard off/I cannot see the help button, how can I fix this?

Different screen sizes may affect how the dashboard looks in your browser. The right edge of the screen might look cut off, impacting your ability to access buttons on that side of the screen. For example, a user with a 13in. laptop might have trouble viewing the help file usually located at the top right hand of the dashboard. In order to fix this, simply adjust the zoom of your browser. (This is just an example, the settings you may need vary depending on your screen dimensions and the browser you are using.)

How do I use the coaching card?

The coaching card is available under Matches, on the right side of the page next to each match listing. Team staff can utilize this coaching card to record various additional information about a match or practice match that may be useful to the team. Fill in the blanks of the coaching card in your browser and save it online, or even print a blank card for free notetaking! Coaching cards have sections for comments, goals, strategy, and more.

What kind of microtransactions are available to purchase on my account?

Currently, there are a few microtransactions available simply to enhance the user experience. All microtransactions are small, one-time purchases that never expire. Team B: This microtransaction gives you the ability to set up a Team B, useful for practice matches. Event Types: Under "My Event Types," this gives you a collection of set event types that you can easily access for recording. Stadiums: Access to information on European ice rinks.

Can I change my team name?

Users are currently not able to change their team name.

> Sunbears: Application Guide -

Error Message: "Missing Profile" I got this message when trying to log into the Android application. What do I do?

Before logging into the recording application, the recording user must have swipe actions set up so that they can record actions during the game. To do this, log into your account (or have someone from your team log in), and set up swipe actions for the recording user by navigating to Security > Users > Click recorder user and configure swipe actions.

How do I edit the roster for a match?

After the match is set up, you can edit the roster on the Android application. On the application, tap the match you wish to edit in the Match List. Here you can drag and drop players into their positions. Before starting the game you must have at least two line-ups chosen in the roster. On the left side of the screen there is a list of players of the team of the user. The list is divided for the following sections: 1. Attacker: where the attacker players are listed 2. Defender: where the defender players are listed 3. Goalkeeper: where the goalkeeper players are listed 4. Injured: contains the injured players. An injured player is marked with a blue background. To fill in the roster, hold and drag the desired players to their coresponding position.

What if I want to change the language of the Android application? Can I do that within the app?

Sunbears is offered in English and Japanese. You won't be able to change the language settings within the app, but you can change the language of your device to one of these languages to change the language of the application as well. Choosing a language other than English or Japanese will set the application to the default language of English.

What should I do if the location of our match does not have a stable wi-fi connection or access to cellular data?

The Sunbears application allows users to record data in an offline mode. If you are unable to access an internet connection, each recording user can use the application individually during the match. Once the devices can again access an internet connection, any data recorded offline will sync and that data will be updated in the server.

It is important to note that the device must be connected to the internet at some point before the match in order to update the new match to the match list and set up the roster. After setting up the roster for the match, the recording user will need to proceed to the screen with the large red play button. Once on this screen, offline mode can be initiated. Take caution to prepare this ahead of losing internet access to ensure the smooth operation of the Sunbears service.

I'm on the application and it says "no available match found…" but I have matches set up on my account. Why did my matches disappear?

This may happen occasionally. Your matches are still on your account, but it might not be loading immediately on the app. Please restart the application and your matches should be visible again. If not, wait a moment and try again.

Can I be a recorder for multiple teams? How do I change between the teams on the app?

You can be a recorder for multiple teams. To switch between the teams, tap "Change Team" at the top of the Match List screen.

Can I login to multiple devices simultaneously with the same user account?

A user account can be logged into a single device at a time. If you wish to login on another device, you must first log out of the current device.

How many lineups can I create for one match?

Users can add up to nine different lineups. To add a specific lineup, please select the lineup number (it will turn to red), and tap it again to make the lineup active.

What happens if I remove a goalkeeper from one lineup?

Once a goalkeeper is set, it is set on every lineup. If you remove the goalkeeper from any lineup, it will be removed from the others too. In the same way, if you replace a goalkeeper on one lineup, it will be replaced on all lineups. However, if you replace a goalkeeper with a player whose default position is not goalkeeper, then it will be replaced on the current lineup only, and the goalkeeper position becomes empty on all other lineups.

When is a lineup "match-ready?"

A minimum of three players must be added to each active lineup for it to be considered match-ready. Users also must set up at least two lineups to begin the match.

Can I remove a lineup after starting a match?

You can only remove a lineup until the match has begun. After beginning the match it is not possible to remove any lineups.

How do I change a player in a lineup from the roster menu?

You can replace a player in the lineup by dragging another player to its position, or by deleting the player by holding your finger on the position for a second.

Can I add a player to two different positions in the same lineup?

You can only have a player in one positition within a lineup.

Is the remaining penalty time removed by the closing of a period?

In the case of a period closing early, the remaining penalty time is cancelled out by the closure.

Are period changes visible on the ice rink screen?

Yes. You will be able to see the current period at the top right corner of the screen. At the end of the period time, the period will end automatically. Recorders can also manually end the period.

Is there the option to manually close the period (for example in the case of a special event interrupting the match)?

Yes! Users are able to finish the current period manually by pressing the stop button on the right side of the screen. A confirmation message will pop up prompting the user to confirm the end of the period.

How do I know if the timer is paused?

When the timer is paused, the "play/pause" button turns into the "play" icon, and the match will continue by pressing this button again.

How can I change players during the match?

Recording users can change the entire lineup during the match by simply swiping to the next lineup and tapping the lineup number to confirm the change, or by just double-tapping the lineup you want instead. The active lineup number will be filled in green. To change individual players during the match, tap the player you wish to replace, and a window will pop up with a list of selectable players.

If you select a certain tab when changing players (like "by jersey number" or "by position," for example), that tab will open the next time you go to change a player as well. This is to help save you time in swapping in players.

What if I wish to add a goal that had no assistants? Or with one or two assistants?

To add a goal with no assisting player, indicate the goal event and then choose the player who made the goal. Then tap the save icon on the right side of the screen. To add a goal with assisting players, indicate the goal event with the player who made the goal, then tap the spot where a player assisted and select that player. You may repeat this step another time if there is another assisting player. Once complete, press the save button to continue on with the match.

How do I know which match is running?

During the match you can see the teams playing at the top of the screen. In addition, the match list page shows running and prepared matches, as well as upcoming and past matches.

When is the playback menu available?

You can play back a match during a match as well as after it has finished. Tap the button with the rink icon on the right side of the screen. Here you can view the events of the game and replay them by pressing the play button at the bottom.

Can I modify recorded events during the match?

If you made a mistake in recording an event during a match, you can edit the event during the match. To do this, tap the events tab on the replay screen. For changing the time of an event, tap the time value and you will be able to choose the correct time for the event. You can also make notes on events by tapping the pencil icon or record a voice message by tapping the play button icon. To delete an event, swipe right on it and confirm deletion.

How do I know I have the latest version of the Sunbears Android application?

In order for you to keep receiving the best service we have to offer, we recommend that you ensure all of your teams devices have the most up-to-date Sunbears app. We are constantly trying to improve our service by updating our app. To check whether or not your device has the latest update, please visit the Google Play store. If there is an update to be downloaded, the green "update" button will be shown. If not, your app has already updated. Update information will be available on this page as well to inform our users what we have been doing to improve your experience.

Can I record events outside of the playing field?

You can only record events within the outline of the ice rink.

How do I use the playback menu?

On the playback menu, you can view all of the events recorded by users during a match. The menu displays each period, the time it started, events that occured during that period, and the time that they occured. Scroll through the column on the left side of the screen to view all events. If you would like to see only a certain type of event, you can filter events by tapping the icon indicated below on the event list. You can click on any event in the list. One or more related details will be displayed at the top of the ice rink. The timer in the top-right corner will be set to the time of the event. If the event relates to a certain place on the ice, then a marker will be displayed on that place. Players assigned to that event will be displayed at the top of the screen. Pressing the play/pause button at the bottom of the allows users to replay the match step by step.

How do I access statistics within the application?

You can access your teams statistics easily by navigating to the match list screen, and tapping on the statistics icon on whichever match you wish to view statistics for. Team statistics are shown on the first tab of this page, followed by statistics from each period of the match on the next three tabs. The final tab you can find the statistics for the entire match, and the results of all players related to the match.

What if I forget my user actions?

If you forget which swipe actions (also referred to as "events") are assigned to your recording role, simply tap on the information icon on the right side of the screen. A pop-up window will be displayed which shows your personal swipe actions and the direction to swipe in order to activate them.

How do I end a match session completely?

Even when the last period ends, the match session is still open. This is so that recording users can finalize any needed edits before closing the match. Once recording users have done this, one user will need to press the red "END" button at the bottom right part of the screen. If this button is not activated, the final data won't sync with the account and the match session will have failed to end completely. The session is marked as "ongoing" until this button is pressed.

How do I make notes on events?

To make notes or add a description to events recorded during a match, bring up the events list and find the event you wish to add a note to. Press the small pencil button, and a pop-up window will allow you to type anything related to that event. When you're done, press save to add your note. The background of the pencil button should turn blue to remind the user that a note has been added to the event. You can edit your notes in the future in the same way.

You can also add voice notes by tapping the microphone button next to the pencil button. Recording will start immediately. To stop and save the recorded voice comment, press the save btton. As with the typed notes, the background of the button will turn blue to remind the user that a note has been added to that event.