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Based in Tokyo, with more than 15 years of business software experience, our team has been non-stop developing and exploring so as to create and offer better connections and services for our customers.


SENSORS that detect events or changes in the environment, such as temperature, wind, heart beat, or breath, and send the information in a Sensor Gateway that communicates with a web data server. Our technology is focused on converting these incidents in the safest, fastest, and most accurate way. We have been using this sensor technology for over 10 years with over 200 customers, unveiling the aims of nature for supporting business resolutions.”


SCOREBOOK is the result of data elements being analyzed in logical groups and defined by their relationships. We concentrate first on creating variables and parameters that provide informative value, and then on absorbing, connecting, and saving great amounts of various data.


Information and connectivity are keys to comprehending the complex world we live in. We provide access to sports teams for that kind of information and metrics in order to develop their strategies and create a competitive advantage towards winning.



GAS ANALYSIS is a method for gaining non-invasive information for  the clinical state of an individual by volatile organic compounds present in the exhale breath. In collaboration with Tokyo University of Science, sports doctors, engineers and scientists, we are developing a high technological measurement upon condition analysis.


Athletes health state is a major factor for any sport. To prognosis future incidents, indicate doping, limiting injuries and fasten recovery is our goal.


Currently, our SIMULATOR is under research and development in collaboration with Tokyo Institute of Technology.


​Products created with our passion:


Our Values

We bring ideas together.

By bringing our worldwide professional team members together,

we believe that continuous learning enables us to come up with

more ideas and innovations.

Join us on our journey, won't you?


“What I’ve learned from this summer is how important database and cloud services are now and in the future. Learning that made me want to  build my own web service.”

- Hayato Hiroura

“FBTriangle taught me that high technology is the key to create new edge services with societal value. That made me decide to upscale my education in environmental engineering and come up with that kind of resolutions.”

- ​Chryssa Paschalidou


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